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Like her pussy. She opened her mouth to refuse then paused. Rough—just right. And that was the last thought he wanted to expend on family for many, many hours. Jonah ducked low and lunged forward, in one fleet motion catapulting Suzy over his shoulder.

Leute einfach super! Es ist die beste Zeit, so harmonisch, bewusst und ausgeglichen war ich noch nie! Hatte flirts über distanz das Gefühl, dass 33 besondere Alter für mich wird, hatte in.

Über viele Jahrzehnte haben sich engagierte Ganderkeseer mit Leidenschaft der guten Sache ver. Anpfiff ist um Uhr. Wir hoffen auf gutes Wetter, viele Zuschauer und vor allem drei Punkte. Der Nebel des Grauens ganderkesee oldenburg bremen delmenhorst nebel wetter gutenmorgen sonnenaufgang picoftheday. Beim Hundespaziergang die Seele baumeln lassen besserleben seelebaumelnlassen hundeliebe delmenhorst bremen oldenburg wildeshausen falkenburg ganderkesee dortmund hude immer schwanewede lemwerder.

Ombre Verlauf Am Sonntag, den Vorher und nachher! Heute gibt es wieder Mangas und Comics zu lesen. Dermaplaning hyaluronpen microneedling microneedlingbremen bbglow dermablading dermaplaninbremen wangenaufbaubremen ultraschallpeeling lippenaufbau wangenaufbau beautyhamburg beautybremen skincare skincarehamburg skincarebremen marionettenfalte kin.

Lippenaufbau 1,3ml hyaluronpen microneedling microneedlingbremen bbglow dermablading dermaplaninbremen wangenaufbaubremen ultraschallpeeling lippenaufbau wangenaufbau beautyhamburg beautybremen skincare skincarehamburg skincarebremen marionettenfal. Eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics York Knicks - Eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics 16, Personen: Valentin Chmerkovskiy, Amber Rose.

Personen: Blac Chyna. BET Awards '11 - Arrivals. Maxim Hot Party - Arrivals. Spunky Suzy was exactly what the nana ordered. Well hell, when he looked at it like that, it was practically his Christian duty to keep her entertained and safe for the night. Thank you, Nana! And that was the last thought he wanted to expend on family for many, many hours.

Jonah bowed his head, burying it in the crook of her neck, and inhaled as sensations chased her fingers, shooting up and down his shaft. Damn, she smelled nice, sweet almost. A faint stirring swirled in his mind. One of…recollection? This little chili pepper was anything but nice. A total rebel. A bad ass in need of a banging. So, as the humid breeze skidded little foil packets across the parking lot, there was only one thing left for Jonah to say.

Jonah eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics low and lunged forward, in one fleet motion catapulting Suzy over his shoulder.

There was no cry of surprise nor one of protest, only her throaty giggle of delight, and with frauen kennenlernen tinder hands clutching at eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics ass, eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics legs pinned to his chest, her purse bumping into his calf, he galloped full speed across the parking lot, opened his truck door and dumped her in.

What sheer pleasure to find Suzy on hands and knees facing him—a cat ready to pounce. And pounce she did, going straight for his crotch as Jonah pounded the gas of the running engine. She said one thing and one thing only.

His balls tightened, his entire pelvis lurched forward and his big booted foot slid right off the gas pedal. He tried to find his brain while his foot felt for the accelerator.

Her head lowered, earrings clinked. The whole damn thing, no nursing for her. His thoughts narrowed to one track, only able to think about her tongue, licking and loving and driving him insane.

That mouth, its fierce drawing suction, sliding all the way over and across his shaft, moist and wet and wonderful. So intense, so incredible, blowing his cock…blowing his mind. More like heaven-sent. And devil trained. It was the position she did so in, shadowy moonlight his only guide to that perky ass in the air, practically hanging out of that short black skirt…back bowed in total submission and creamy waist exposed.

As if to prove her every desire belonged to him. How easily Jonah pictured himself behind her, plowing into her tight pussy. Spanking that firm, deserving ass. A bead of sweat rolled from his forehead and he lit up the pavement in a blazing rush to nowhere, fighting hard between watching her and watching the long stretch of road.

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Clutching the wheel with one hand, he used the other to thread her hair. The buttery-soft scent of vanilla dispersed as he grasped red strands firmly, guiding her up and down.

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To command her every pleasure, eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics frau sucht wortsapp sex lick at a time. Lost in the moment, his fingers wound tighter, tugging on her scalp. Too soon! But then her hand was there, priming his cock while her mouth ventured beneath. His vision went funny, his breath haywire.

Those lips collided with his balls, tongue teasing and sweeping down the middle of the sensitized sac then slowly retreating. Drawing the life from him with a suction that put the vacuum to shame. At least not after the age of twelve. The truck swerved, running off the road and eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics the gravel shoulder.

Jonah barely pulled it back before taking out a road sign. Speed limit forty-five. Talk about being reckless. Never had he felt more alive, more exhilarated.

But Jonah still had some sense about him. Okay, very little. But enough to know two things mattered at the moment—coming and coming without killing them both. Slamming on his brakes, he skidded to a wobbly halt. Stupid thing to do on damp pavement. And Jonah wanted it to last. Wanted the hot haven her mouth eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics, the magic her fingers brought to last until dawn. Only one way he knew how to delay the inevitable… Three point one four one five nine two— She lifted off him but kept her privat treffen nutte anchored firmly, sliding enticingly over his hardened length.

Not out loud. She repeated several numbers back to him but her slick fingers drew all his brain power. His hips lurched. Cock strained toward her mouth. For once she ignored the invitation, though her thumb did graze right over the tip of his penis. Thrust into her impossibly tight grasp. Trying to maintain control. Teeth grazed.

Lips loved. His balls tightened, drawing higher. Behind the bluish wisps of clouds, the stars were out in full force. Twinkling at him beyond the jagged black triangles of the Victorio mountain range. And victory was almost his… Right there, stopped dead in the center of remoteJonah fisted her hair and yanked her off him.

He erupted like a geyser. His hips rode the air, his cock yearning for her mouth as he bucked and semen spurted, spraying the wheel and spilling down onto his jeans.

Breath rasping, he collapsed in his seat. Ten, maybe twenty heartbeats later Jonah realized he still had a painful hold on her hair—suspending her head just above his lap.

Great way to show gratitude, asshole. He patted her head tenderly, as if that were some sort of consolation. Because somehow part of him questioned the concept of her truly minding.

Just as he suspected, her wide, impertinent gaze rolled toward him, coupled with an impish smile. For a moment her oval-shaped face just stared, as if searching. Waiting, still on hands and knees…expectant.

The wide, porcelain forehead, the way it moved in smooth accord with surprisingly pale eyebrows. That nose, long and sleek and totally kissable. Those high cheekbones, emphasizing a delectable mouth. Vaguely eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics. Yet so very new.

Her sugary scent, reminiscent of home-baked goodness seemed ingrained on his very soul and started to trigger— She huffed a breath, jerked her head to sharp clinks that derailed his train of thought. One long coil of blood-red hair swept in and bisected her flushed face. Jonah transferred his gaze back to her eyes, studying that majestic shade of emerald green. Maybe it was just that sucking-fucking fantastic way she blew a man.

Something else, am I? Got to spell it out. And she took them? And paid two hundred bucks for them? Two hundred bucks to know how to properly pleasure a man?

An act she personally received nothing out of? Or did she? Jonah gawked at Reckless, lipstick smeared—all over his cock—practically preening with pride, and debated if she actually enjoyed blowing him. From that iridescent glow beaming about her to the impudent grin fanning her cheeks, it would appear she had. His lungs were frantic for fresh air. Beads of sweat drizzled from his temples and the cool breeze slapped his hot skin, ice battling fire.

Best two hundred bucks I ever spent.

Oh yeah, this was his kind of woman. The kind a man was crazy to let go and even crazier to keep, if her brash behavior indicated anything. None of which mattered to Jonah right now. The eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics anticipation of sheathing himself in her hot, tight pussy reigned. Think, man! Twin beams of light shimmered in the cab for an instant, announcing the vehicle coming up a few curves and hills behind them.

What now? Of course not tonight. Rounding a closer hilltop, the increased blaze of headlights illuminated the sign ahead. Lucky Lady Dude Ranch, 8 miles. But Suzy made no move to obey. The headlights flashed through the cab, a steady beam now, reminding him it was time to get moving, and Jonah let the idling truck drift forward.

Oh well. Sophisticated Woman, one of several issues intentionally left at the Lucky Lady for Suzy by Sommer, who was positively infatuated with the magazine. Especially its quizzes, insisting Suzy could gain insight into her psyche. Suzy had her doubts. Can You Purr Louder, Kitty-cat?

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Oh me, oh my! Take heart, dear reader! So the fuck what? Who cared if they liked her? The outcome when Suzy thought, Damn the torpedoes, full sperm ahead, and answered how she really wanted to. Listen to You Roar! Now you, dear reader, are talking—and in a loud and proud voice!

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You are a true Sophi gal through and through! Might be something to these silly quizzes after all. Son of a bitch.

TSG Seckenhausen-F. Under the dictatorship there was no place for sadness or pain. III 4.

He could at least remember her. She knew her mouth would never forget the taste of his satin-encased steel rod pumping past her tongue. She was wet, her clit pulsing and ready. Far too gone to turn back now. She wanted this man, craved him and always had. Maybe always would. Maybe—unless she rid herself of the plaguing ache.

Cured herself completely, once and for all. Around here? Let him figure it out on his own and feel the fool. So cool. Calm and collected. And here she was, trying to wriggle her way to orgasm. Yeah, like that was gonna happen. But obviously he was wondering if he knew her, at least partnervermittlung gemeinsam statt einsam. Good grief, just how long eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics it take eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics What would it take?

His cock up her cunt? Hellum A. Benis a. Smith A. Lee A. Schreckenberger A.

Eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt) 62

S Sat A. Creation A. A Manufacturing A. Vogel A. Enterprises A. Enterprises, Inc A. Goodman Aaron D. Glisten Cosmetics glitter gels Mai Couture Blush Paper All-in-one makeup stencil Brow Buddy Etude House Peel-Off brow tint POUT makeup phone case Vamp Stamp Having been created during a residency at the HAU Hebbel am Ufer, it can now be seen for one last time in Berlin after guest performances elsewhere.

In the same way as the performance, we pick up where we left off with a new version of her article. A small, cumbersome figure wrapped in a heavy robe of layered quilts, her mouth stuck in a grimace, each foot shackled to a sack of bricks as if about to be drowned. A picture that hurts, even if there is no story to accompany it — not even a scream. At the other end of the room, costume designer Claudia Hill, who dressed Stuart beforehand, strips her back down to her thin, naked skin.

Again and again, she readies the dancers for a brief photo shoot before tidily hanging all the props back on the clothes racks. This act provides an insight into the rehearsal process, but also involves a bit of child-like dressing up as well as an unusual kind of catwalk flair — voguing. There is nevertheless also a hint of futility. There is no need for a dress. The scene may be paradise or a typhoid-infested quagmire, but at least the issue of style has been taken care of.

It is not a question of dress code, but rather a counterpart or partner eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics the mood. The artist herself is without make-up, in a brown vintage pullover, her bleached blonde hair tousled. Moving her hand over her head from behind, as she often does on stage, is probably her favourite gesture in private too.

She has displayed the courage to appear dishevelled during singles in deutschland 24 career too.

The period after her Volksbühne residency under Frank Castorf were eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics but extremely productive years. Her company Damaged Goods, which she founded inis still located in Brussels, her apartment is in Berlin, she did a project-specific residency under Johan Simons single party stuttgart zollamt the Münchner Kammerspielen, while she has also collaborated closely with the HAU Hebbel eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics Ufer since Annemie Vanackere took up her position as artistic director.

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It is as though something has exploded over the course of these performances. It did not come as a surprise when at the start of the year it was announced that Meg Stuart would be awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Dance Biennale in the summer.

Residencies at theatres where dance is not part of the usual programme are rarely available, except to her.

Scaroni and Julian Weber - contributes something from their own profession. Much is reminiscent of what is already familiar but, as Antonija Livingstone put it, it is polyvalent. There is an impulse over which an afterglow already hangs, but also a fear of pointlessness and eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics. Her company is called Damaged Goods and it does not take much imagination to extend the application of damaged goods to the body.

This vehicle, which makes so much possible, on one hand, but rules out so much on the other, is loaded with both energy and pain at the same time. In a figurative sense, there is the pain of a self that constantly has to act and react but hardly ever has adequate means with which to do so.

This sentence leads her to the problem of an impossible presence. She sees thought, memory and imagination as overlapping activities, entwined with one another but which take place at different levels and in various ways and each with its own logic, generating a kind of endogenous noise.

Her method is to crank up the noise and then to channel it with mental and somatic techniques. They are already the product of a subject forming multiple possible realities that divide back into themselves.

They are somatically explored, psychologically corrupted bodies that shiver, articulate ticks, pull faces, get in a whirl and become entangled. Not tied to any particular eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics, they are traumatic dream dancers imprisoned in a vegetative fabric of interconnected movements. That is also what gives her works their often contemplative, even meditative quality, in spite of the aggressive music and abrupt scene changes.

The fact that singles treffen traunstein comes from a theatrical family definitely also plays a role as do the handovers from one parent to another single hässliche frau the famous Californian Highway in her childhood.

During her time in New York in the s and early s, she lived in SoHo, visiting several galleries a day. With hindsight, she says her sense of choreographic space was very much shaped by her studies of pictorial composition. This led to many collaborations with visual artists and filmmakers, including Gary Hill, Ann Hamilton and Pierre Coulibeuf. Material for this approach is provided above all by the different viewing angles in spatially fragmented choreographies like Highway and Visitors Only.

There is an air of nonchalance as though the audience and performers agree that they know the rules of the game but do not have to explore them. This attitude of wanting to give something at best but not always wishing to offer it also means the audience sometimes has to bear with it. There is no compulsion. If something does not spark, it continues to smoulder. The audience must put up with this and there is not much to elevate here either. Meg Stuart is not known for letting conceptual statements limit her scope of action.

Surrendering to the process is the true constant across all the variation in her heisse flirts online. Sometimes like a volcanic process, eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics the depth of collaboration produces an eruption, and sometimes like a game marvelling at the material assembled.

This self-energy is not starting capital but rather the result of precise artistic work on these rather fragile and damaged goods in which eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics pass through life. She dances with such phenomenal control of the body that even the most complex combinations of movement seem as self-evident as normal communicative behaviour.

The words leave his mouth as if the most outlandish chains of thought belong to everyday language.

Face Sitting

He succeeds in speaking without a mic in the most unaffected tone of everyday conversation yet can be clearly understood in eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics whole theatre. Both artists appeared as if they were only briefly passing by and had to go straight back to work in a tavern serving beer and bar food.

They wear jeans and trainers — him in a light-blue t-shirt and her in a loose yellow, brown and black chequered top — all bargain brands. They hardly need to blow their own trumpets — neither year-old Stuart — who enduringly shook up the contemporary dance scene eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics the time at just 27 years of age to the extent that it was no longer as it was before — nor year-old Etchells, who developed such a convincingly fresh type of performance in the s with his Sheffield-based group Forced Entertainment that British theatre suddenly thrilled the whole of Europe.

Over the years, they have succeeded in developing a lightness, verve and persuasive force which goes far beyond most of what currently passes through contemporary choreography companies. This distribution of roles — him the wordsmith and her the master of body language — is not maintained.

There is ironic grandeur throughout where mockery and anger about the outside world are sometimes combined. Artistic loops constantly ramp up the tension and absurd interjections provide amusement. Sie tanzt mit einer so überragenden Körperbeherrschung, dass die kompliziertesten Bewegungskombinationen mit der Selbstverständlichkeit von ganz normalem Kommunikationsverhalten daherkommen. Und er lässt seine Worte vom Stapel, als gehörten die abgefahrensten Gedankenketten zum alltäglichen Sprachgebrauch.

Dabei schafft er es, ohne Mikro im ungekünstelten Tonfall einer Gebrauchskonversation zu sprechen, der im ganzen Theaterraum verständlich ist. Die beiden Künstler treten auf, als kämen sie nur kurz einmal vorbei und müssten gleich wieder zur Arbeit in ein Beisl, in dem sie Bier und kleine Speisen servieren.

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Auftrumpfen müssen sie ja nicht. Weder Stuart 51die mit nur 27 Jahren den damals zeitgenössischen Tanz so nachhaltig aufgemischt hat, dass er nie mehr so wurde, wie er vorher war.

Noch Etchells 56der in den ern mit seiner Sheffielder Gruppe Forced Entertainment eine so überzeugend frische Art der Performance entwickelte, dass britisches Theater auf einmal ganz Europa begeisterte. Dabei ist es ihnen gelungen, über die Jahre eine Leichtigkeit, Verve und Überzeugungskraft zu entwickeln, die weit über das meiste hinausreichen, was derzeit durch die Häuser der zeitgenössischen Choreografie hechelt.

In "Shown and Told" treten die beiden gleichzeitig ins Rampenlicht. Stuart beginnt sofort zu tanzen, Eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics hält Abstand zu ihr, schaut sie an, liest ihre Bewegungen und beginnt zu sprechen: "Es ist wie der Eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics von Stimmen aus einem anderen Raum, wie ein Geräusch, das von einem obenliegenden Raum kommt und sich nicht wirklich wie Stimmen anhört, sondern mehr wie ein Wind, der durch einen Gang weht Auch Stuart springt in die Sprache: "Ich tanze, um Fragen zu stellen und weil ich zuviel Energie habe, weil ich so das Sterben üben und den ganzen Tag Liebe mit dem Boden machen kann Kunstvolle Loops steigern immer wieder die Spannung, absurde Brüche sorgen für Heiterkeit.

Einmal schaut er sie an und fragt: "Bist du da? Everyone must make up their own mind about what lies beyond and any higher being. But what would such a being see if it observed people on this side? Perhaps creatures like the three rolling around the dancefloor of the Frankfurt Mousonturm. One begs for a little bit of love in ludicrous, red platform shoes and an alien with giant ears and a face mask bedecked with glittering stones chirps strange arias.

The third is initially maltreated by the others and then healed — with the help of an ear candle that is set alight as if we were visiting an Indonesian natural healer. Meg Stuart may have imported the idea of the ear torch from Indonesia as this is where inspiration for her most recent performance has been sought.

Could this supernatural sorrow be a being that rules over everyone and everything? Or a misery that besets the heavens and is simply observing human creatures and the idiocy that they perpetuate on Earth.

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Meg Stuart is anything but someone who regards herself as a god. Kuswidananto is responsible for the heavens to a large extent. He nevertheless makes them look earthly using many different-sized light bulbs, some loudspeakers with a retro look and interlinked crystal chandeliers. The sound, sometimes culminating in ear-splitting noise, is provided by the live musicians Mieko Suzuki and Ikbal Simamora Lubys, who initially produce such a spherical prelude that the audience fears that the performance will not progress beyond joss sticks, a little bit of hip movement and bizarre garments like a eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics crocheted out of golden festive garland.

Memory is explored with little distinction between personal and social aspects while there are sharp borders alongside a conciliatory note, supported and provoked by everything from a hard beat to the Indonesian tearjerker, the latter presented as a procession under a cape of flashing lights. Wie wir es eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics dem Jenseits single treff kloster, irgendeinem höheren Wesen, muss jeder mit sich selbst ausmachen.

Was aber sähe ein solches Wesen, betrachtete es das diesseitige Personal? Vielleicht Kreaturen wie die drei, die sich auf dem Tanzboden des Frankfurter Mousonturms wälzen. Eine bettelt in aberwitzigen roten Plateauschuhen um ein bisschen Liebe, ein Alien mit Riesenohren und einer glitzersteinbestickten Gesichtsmaske zirpt seltsame Arien. Der Dritte wird erst von den anderen malträtiert, dann geheilt - mithilfe einer Ohrkerze, die entzündet wird, als befänden wir uns bei einem indonesischen Naturheiler.

Mag sein, dass Meg Stuart auch eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics Fackel im Ohr aus Indonesien importiert hat, von wo Inspirationen in ihr jüngstes Stück geflossen sind. Ein doppeldeutiger Titel. Könnte dieser überirdische Kummer ja einerseits einer sein, der alle und alles regiert.

Oder aber eine Trauer, die den Himmel befällt, schaut er nur auf die menschlichen Kreaturen und den Blödsinn, den sie auf Erden veranstalten. Nun ist Meg Stuart weit davon entfernt, sich selbst für eine Göttin zu halten. Das Fehlerhafte, Beschädigte des Menschen, das schon im Namen ihrer Compagnie Damaged Goods anklingt, hält sich bei Stuart immer die Waage mit einer kuriosen Phantasie und sehr viel Ironie, die dazwischengrätscht, wenn es gar zu viel werden sollte mit dem Leid, dem Unlösbaren und Obsessiven.

Die Klänge, bisweilen bis zum ohrenbetäubenden Krach, tragen die Live-Musiker Mieko Suzuki und Ikbal Simamora Lubys bei, die am Anfang so verhalten sphärisch präludieren, dass man fast schon fürchtet, es bleibe bei Räucherstäbchen, ein wenig Hüftwiegen und seltsamen Gewandungen wie einem aus goldenen Weihnachtsgirlanden gehäkelten Umhang.

Es wird so arhythmisch getanzt, dass die ganze Verkorkstheit, die sich in einem Menschenleben ansammeln kann, von persönlichem Versagen bis zu den Zumutungen der globalen Politik in den Szenen aufblitzen können. Dazu wird in Erinnerungen gekramt, zwischen Persönlichem und Gesellschaftlichen mag sich das nicht entscheiden und setzt scharfe Kanten neben Versöhnliches, begleitet und provoziert vom harten Beat bis zur indonesischen Schnulze, Letztere vorgetragen als Prozession unter einem Umhang aus Blinklichtern.

Insofern passte "Celestial Sorrow" gut ans Ende eines Festivals, das der Musik einerseits und der Wahrnehmung und Betrachtung des Körpers, auch des gehandicappten Körpers, andererseits Raum geben wollte.

Die Handicaps der Welt jedenfalls, die Stuarts Performer im Gitarren- und Trommelgewitter hervorholen, waren ein letzter, quietschbunter Knall.

Be it other eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics. Movement stuff. Language stuff. He talks a bit and she dances a bit. Then she talks, and he… tries to move a bit. Summarized in two sentences, Shown And Told would look a bit like… this.

Meg Stuart and Tim Etchells. A combination that undoubtedly will arouse the interest of many festival programmers. A well-known choreographer Damaged Goods and a respected performance artist Forced Entertainment collaborating. It feels more like a low-key workshop. They have been working together on a number of occasions in the past. Assemble them, disassemble them. And it is interesting to see somebody do the same in another language. Bringing that to Meg opens it in a different way.

Many forces, narratives and possibilities move through us in any give moment. What they come up with on stage might be simple, light and straightforward, but by the way they present all of this to an audience, you just feel that these two bodies and minds carry a couple of decades of experience.


And rather than storming and conquering the surroundings, as you might expect from a young artist, Wouters negotiates the existing infrastructure with great intelligence. Inspired by the spectacles des machines of the eighteenth-century scenographer Giovanni Servandoni, he invited fourteen writers, theatre producers, choreographers and architects to create an infini: an interpretation of eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics painted backdrops that were single party wien heute raised and lowered to lend depth to each new scene.

Wouters reinvigorates this historic technique. They fully succeed in turning the theatre into an imagination machine. For over four hours, and eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics the one seat, you journey through time and space: from dead-end Palestinian tunnels and the office of the European border guard agency, Frontex, to a pitch-black room.

The theatre as a black cube, from which everything and nothing might arise. Drawing on his vast knowledge and respect for theatre history, Wouters considers the future of the institute.

A recliner sofa assists solve this issue. It is impossible to follow everything at once. I have no idea what a blog is or how they work.. Then she requires out her purse and hits Juandissimo and poofs absent.

In so doing, he incidentally proves that younger leute kennenlernen saalfeld are unafraid of big auditoriums, as is often claimed. Furthermore, he is dismissive of the big messages presupposed by large auditoriums and reclaims the theatre as a studio, with space for experimentation. This thoughtful reflection on the theatre itself was greatly appreciated by the jury.

How can we rethink the central perspective of the classical theatre into an era in which nobody appears to be looking through the same glasses? Wouters eyelash stapler flirt cosmetics his space with a wide range of up-and-coming international artists. Instead of one perspective, you gain a kaleidoscopic view of the world.

The outlook is nothing less than infinite Skip to content.